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Kodak film

A.T. McLean is your first stop for all KODAK film and battery products.

When you buy KODAK products from A.T. McLean we ensure that selling opportunities are maximised by providing display units and point-of-sale material free of charge. This allows you to match the right products to customer needs and seasonal demand.

A.T. McLean consider VARTA watch and Lithium cells to offer the best value for money.

We stock the full VARTA range offering retailers:

  • reasonable prices
  • exceptional quality
  • a wide range of products
  • continuity of supply of even the least popular sellers

We also provide merchandising back-up with packaging and display material that will guarantee exceptional profits


A.T. McLean Distributors are one of the largest stockists of Panasonic batteries in the UK.  We provide

  • a complete range of Panasonic batteries in stock
  • nation-wide delivery within 48 hours
  • competitive prices and discounts for volume  customers
  • full back-up support including display materials, stands and promotional leaflets.
Duracell batteries
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A.T. McLean Distributors stock the full range of Duracell batteries, importing from nine different countries to ensure we offer unbeatable prices.

Duracell batteries destined for the European market are manufactured in Belgium. A.T. McLean Distributors keep a fresh stock of Belgian manufactured Duracell batteries, and are able to supply all sizes in whatever quantity required, 52 weeks a year

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