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CYBER Computers was founded in January 96 to support and enhance the stationery and consumable  division of the McLean Group, Environmental Printer Supplies Ltd, in supplying hardware and peripherals to existing and new customers.

Its survival, like any other division in the McLean Group, is built on Quality : Quality of the products and service provided, allied with low prices and high technology is the secret behind CYBER’s success in the ever growing PC Manufacturing trade.

Cyber computers
Cyber computers



Cutting out the middle man and building systems  to order are two initiatives that were introduced to assure you that you get the latest technology together with the latest pricing. We do not have stock on site as the cost of items are falling daily therefore you benefit from price reductions faster. Ordering direct from the manufacturer ensures you don’t have to pay a third party commission or a margin to sell the identical item.

We control the whole process from design, manufacture, testing, delivery and maintenance on site. We take time to establish your requirements, what system you need to carryout your present and future projects. Only then do we order the parts, manufacture the system, carry out final acceptance testing and install your system so that they’re fully set up and ready to run in the environment it will be  accustomed to. We never recommend parts that are not required

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